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Elaquent – Believing (LP, Digital, 12″, HW&W )

Elaquent - Believing vinyl instrumental hip hop

Elaquent just out his new album ‘Believing’ on HW&W.You can grab the full LP on vinyl too ! Holy shit !!!

Whether it is on purpose or coincidence, Elaquent is a beatsmith who creates juicy beats that upholds his own producing name. A lot of his lacings are hip hop music and soul oriented, but you should know by now that any claimed influence these days can be misleading. Elaquent’s latest album, Believing, showcases his musical ability to adapt and evolve his game. Yes, there are clear signs of hip-hop and soul interspersed within the album, though the organic style he has injected into the album overshadows any doubts of it being yet another mundane, album. Presents Ladies First Vol.3 Presents Ladies First Vol.3

BamaLoveSoul released his third episode from popular Ladies First series, highlighting the collection of women on the aural landscape that are releasing provokingly soulful music. Support!

Looking for the perfect beat (Compilation, Digital, Stillmuzik, 2013)

Stillmuzik never sleeeep !!
‘Looking For The Perfect Beat’ new comp just out on Stillmuzik fam.
17 tracks with the cream of producers of nowdays. Higly recommanded by Cascade.
Also, Stillmuzik founded by the brothers Pastor have launched a new radio show called « Les Frères Pastor » on the LeMellotron FAM ! We can’t stoooop

sauce81 – All In Line / I See It EP (digest)

sauce81 just released a teaser from his forthcoming project, ‘All In Line/I See It EP’ avaible on vinyl.
This EP out on July 2013 via Catune Records. Nasty deephouse with discofunk germs ! Fat new joint, DEF


AMIN PAYNE - ONE FOR KUYA - tribute to the brother DJ Kuya

Check the tribute to DJ Kuya by Amin PaYnE on his soundcloud.

‘On that organic sound and vibe.Yours truly on bass guitar, percussions and some vocals’