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CR PODCAST 56 by Fitz Ambro$e

CR PODCAST 56  by Fitz Ambro$e - zen vapors mix pt.3

Cascade is very proud to present CR podcast 56 mixed by Fitz Ambro$e from Tokyo, Japan.

Ooooh!! What a pleasure to present to you this zen vapors mix pt.3 mixed by Fitz Ambro$e,
the first two amazing episodes hosted by the Cosmopolyphonic fam.
Back in days, we are between 1988 and 1993, when Teddy Riley was shaken the reigns of funk with his classical ‘Make it last forever,’ by injecting some swing hiphop elements to create New Jack! Fitz Ambro$e gives us a lesson on swingbeats dedicated to the ladies and the craziest BBOYS ready to smoke the dance floor or too smoked out for the dance floor.
We also talk a little bit with Fitz about his present and future before we MOVE!

Art by Hidenori Koga

More Infos and Interview Here

CR PODCAST 54 mixed by Morpheground 012013

CR Podcast 54 by Morpheground hip hop instrumentals

What up guys !
Cascade Records is glad to present to you our first supa guest of 2013!
And we begin this year, that will be full of promises huge surprise, with this ridiculous mix
by the talented producer Morphegrond straight out Vicenza, Italia.
Morpheground recently released a FAT track ‘inhale’ for Sir Froderick’s amazing ‘The Brief Wondrous‘ on Cascade Records.Well now it’s time that I shut my mouth to make room for the real music.
Enjoy fam, we are in 2013 !

CR PODCAST 52 by Dnte

CR Podcsat 52 by Dnte 102012 Art by LoW

Cascade is very proud to present CR podcast 52 mixed by Dnte from Berlin.

Yo! We can’t stooop, def !!!
Surprise, the Beatmaker, Dnte from Berlin is in the mix during 30mn for shake your smalls habits.
Actualy, Dnte is one of the most creative new producer in Europe.
His beat’s method is a reflexion of life.
A silky deep generous hiphop atmosphere emerges from these soulful production.
Recently, he appeared in the great new MAD-Hop Vol.5 release on the friend’s label MAD-HOP!
So, sit back, relax & drink it all! !

Art by LoW

Interview and Infos Here

PacsOnWax – Funk´n´Soul Mix (YNQ Special)

Vinyl only!! Shout out to PacsOnWax ^_-
Homage to Madlib and his Yesterdays New Quintet projects!

cosmopolyphonic x Elaquent – guestmix vol.27

cosmopolyphonic x Elaquent - guestmix vol.27 - Canadian Hip-Hop / Beat producer

New guestmix by Cosmopolyphonic with Elaquent !!


  1. elaquent – love at third sight
  2. krystale – sweet tooth (produced by kaytradamus)
  3. mfp – zen funk
  4. samiyam – lifesized stuffed animals
  5. benny b blonco – i swing funk
  6. benny b blonco – shut em down
  7. budamunky – let it flow
  8. DIBIA$E – applebeez
  9. memorecks – baseball bat
  10. green butter – smooth route
  11. heRobust – facebook lift
  12. juj – space gold
  13. ta-ku – day 13
  14. sunclef – thelefts
  15. prof.logik – flo^t
  16. kaytradamus – windows 95
  17. Miles Bonny x B.Lewis – Lost Without You
  18. elaquent – recurring dream