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Radio Show: ADTRAX 35


Listen the New ADTRAX 35 Radio Show with new track by Zo aka La chauve-souris, Koreless, Thundercat, Baths, Tall Black Guy, Omar, zeroh, big remix from Je$u$, a track from a super group consisting of Theo Parrish, Andrew Ashong, Eska and Tony Allen on Theo’s new label Wildheart, new DJ Mitsu, plus tons more.

Tracklist and More Infos Here

Suff Daddy interview and mix @Mellotron

Suff Daddy interview and mix @Mellotron

During the trip of Suff Daddy in Paris for his show with Cascade,
Suff have done an interview + an awesome mix for the fam at Mellotron. Don’t sleep ! !

You Can Listen this podcast Here or on iTunes

The Stuntman Show #1

1, 2… today brings new beginnings!
We are proud to present to you ❝The Stuntman Show,❞ the official Cascade Radio Show
hosted by Electroom Acoostap aka Medline !

On this show we will be playing the many forms of what, to us, is the perfect beat !
You will find exclusives, precious rarities, the smell of wax,
and shouts to all the heads who truly love this shit ! !
We will provide you many pleasures on this voyage that will, if you let it, open your mind!

Original Picture by Medline
Design by Craw (founder of Chemistry Magazine)

More infos and Interview Here

Future Basics Radio Show – Cascade Records

➯ You can listen now the free podcast of our last show on Future Basics Radio Show fam ! ! !
Specials Shouts out to Soulist ✘ Freeworker
What The Funk Paris ✘ Radio Campus Paris (93.9FM)

29/05: Future basics invite Cascade Records

A l’occasion de sa soirée du 6 juin au Gibus où Cascade invitera Suff Daddy, Krts et Zo aka La Chauve Souris, Cascade Records sera à l’honneur ce mercredi dans le Future Basics Radio Show. En seulement 5 ans, ce label parisien s’est confortablement installé sur l’échiquier de la scène beats hexagonale. Bien que son catalogue et ses artistes évoluent dans l’electronic, le hip hop, le downtempo, les futur beats, le jazz, la soul ou le rap, on retiendra que Cascade Records dégage avant tout émotion, sensation et beats. Une belle promesse qui nous fera passer 1h30 d’émission savoureuse !

Cascade Records présente Suff Daddy, Krts, Zo & Soulist le jeudi 6 juin au Gibus –>