Out Now: ATELLER – ‘1001 NIGHTS EP’

ATELLER - '1001 NIGHTS EP' electronic trap house future beats r&b music

We’re glad to announce the new EP from ATELLER,’1001 NIGHTS’, is out now on Digital.

You can download ‘1001 NIGHTS’ LP on iTunes | Bandcamp | Amazon | Spotify

« Much like the collection of arabian folk stories from the middle ages, 1001 NIGHTS EP is also a collection of stories and tales in the form of music and vibrations communicated thru rhythms, harmonies and the esthetics of the beat. ATELLER tells the story of a man in the strange nights of a big city, observing loneliness, sexuality, beauty, ugliness, humor, complexion, and chaos; 1001 nights in a city where no one belongs but everybody exist. »

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