Pigeondust – ‘P’ Plays It Woof [Mix]

The Find Mag presents a new mix by the japanese producter Pigeondust. Listen up!

From Japan’s thriving beat scene, Tokyo’s Pigeondust whipped up a raw mix of beats and hip hop. Pigeondust really went deep on this one and concocted and enthralling set that moves through a wide variety of producers from all over the world like Kaligraph E (Australia), Knowsum (Germany), Potatohead People (Canada), Proflogik (USA), Boyoom Connective (Switzerland), Vanilla (UK), and of course a healthy helping of Japanese hip hop by the likes of Ill.sugi, Haiiro de Rossi, Rino, and Pigeondust himself.

Pigeondust – ‘P’ Plays It Woof by Thefindmag on Mixcloud

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