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Stream: Bugseed – thoughts (Nujabes Tribute)


Brother Bugseed pays a tribute to one of Japan’s most amazing producers. RIP Nujabes.

Fitz Ambro$e @ bza>>fm((gst.mix))


new mixx by the homie Fitz Ambro$e for mpr bzaFM ((finland))
sweet vibrations ~ listen it hop !

Fitz Ambro$e – miliflam (VIDEO)

ridicoulous new video by the homie fitz ambro$e ! back in 2005 <<

Fitz Ambro$e & Ohbliv ~ Zen Vapors (Lp) OUT
→ Limited 12″ Vinyl or Digital at Cascade Shop, Fat Beats, Jet Set, HHV, UGHH, Bandcamp

Prof.Logik Guest Mix [Collective Resonance #35]

You have to check this new mix by the homie Prof.Logik
that he did for the Collective Resonace fam.
Prof.Logik offers to us some essential germs of moment.

cosmopolyphonic radio – episode35 -

cosmopolyphonic radio - episode35 - electronic, future beats, experimental, disco, boogie

New show episode35 with Amin Payne & DOC Masterminds, Fitz Ambro$e, Rigly Chang, Devonwho, Submerse, Elaquent, Morpheground… and others tons of fresh tunes ! !